Shared societies and values - Why?

A communities become ever more inter-twined and intercultural. More than ninety percent of the world’s countries have at least ten percent minority. Leaders face the challenge of building and maintaining social cohesion in their diversified communities and countries. How they respond to social cohesion differs from leader to leader, from country to country, but one element remains true for all: they need knowledge, options and tools to address this challenge.

Reconnecting company success with social progress means that shared value is not on the margin of what companies do, but at the center. Countries and companies have a common goal of creating shared value by reconceiving the intersection between society and corporate performance. Society is being more stabele, safe and prosperous in diversities as a shared society. That is why we are working on bringing together the principles and practices of shared societies and creation of shared values.

“We really have no other alternative.
We either learn to get along and respect one another – and not define each other by negative reference – while celebrating our diversity, or we are finished.”

Bill Clinton,
Honorary Chair of the Club de Madrid



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