Abdulaziz Al Mutairi

Abdulaziz Al Mutairi

Dr. Abdulaziz is a leading figure in entrepreneurship in the MENA region.

  • He is the General Manager of The Centennial Fund (TCF), a Saud Arabian entrepreneurial incubator that aims to effect both social and economic change.

  • His expertise has been honed by his contributions to the success of the G20 YEA, Youth Business International, and the Clinton Global Initiative, among others.

  • A frequently invited international keynote speaker, Dr. Abdulaziz has spearheaded numerous initiatives that have extended the reach and the scope of youth entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on strategy and quality.

  • Dr. Abdulaziz currently serves as a consultant and advisor to numerous governmental agencies, private sector companies, and non-governmental organizations, often liaising with dignitaries and notables from all over the world.

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