Dr Zlatko Lagumdžija panelist at the World Forum on Urban Violence and Education

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Madrid, 19.-21. April 2017.

The former Prime Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Club de Madrid Member, Zlatko Lagumdžija, will be panelist in a session organized by the CdM in one of the biggest forum to be organized in the Spanish capital this year. Convenved from the 19th to the 21st of April it will analyze the different forms of urban violence and how to tackle them, answering the question How can we build peace?  

How can we build peace? How can the urban violence be erradicated? How can the cities start designing concrete policies to tackle this problem? Violence can adpot many forms: violence against women, against LGTBI people, against foreigners, minorities…Cities are frontliners in the challenge of imagining innovative and practical policies to reduce all kinds of conflicts and Madrid, capital of Spain, wants to be lead the way in the discussion and implementation of the best practices around the world. 

That’s why the Madrid’s City Hall has decided to convene a big three days conference to analyze the urban violence of any kind, share the best practices in this field and amke our cities safer, fairer and more democratic places to leave. 

The Club de Madrid has been invited to organize the panel on how to prevent religious-rooted violence and its Member, Zlatcko Lagumdžija has already confirmed its participation in the discussions. A workshop on this issue will be followed by a dialogue with big names in its line up, like Mayor’s Manuela Carmana (Madrid), Anne Hidalgo (París) or Iván Mayeur (Brussels).

Source: Club de Madrid