Project Concept Note “New Narrative For Western Balkans – Vision 2030”

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February 1st 2019., Podgorica, Montenegro

Countries of a Western Balkans as well as neighboring countries that went through Euro-Atlantic integrations like Slovenia and Croatia are searching for a positive and constructive contribution to the Sustainable development in Western Balkans along EU 2030 and UN Agenda 2030 SDG lines.

Podgorica Club would offer a Platform for processes and results organized along documents and related activities that are shaping next decade at regional and global context such as “UN SDG Agenda 2030”, “EU2030”, “New Narrative for Europe”, “The New European Consensus on Development”, “European Commission Strategy for the Western Balkans” and “SEE 2020 Strategy”.

Process of defining common “Western Balkans Vision 2030” and “New Narrative For Western Balkans” would go through a series of projects and events in cooperation with other stakeholders that are sharing mission and objectives of Podgorica Club.

Creating and looking for a New Narrative and Vision would go through a set of 10 Goals and Activities such is:

  1. Searching for New Western Balkans and European consensus on shared future, vision, leadership, development and societies;
  2. Giving voices to the intellectual, business, political,  academic, scientific, artistic, cultural and civil society communities to articulate what Western Balkans and Europe stands for today and tomorrow;
  3. Identify an encompassing New Narrative that takes into account the evolving reality that Western Balkans as well as EU is about development, economy and growth but also about education, cultural unity and common values in globalized world. Europe’s core values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and respect for human rights are inseparable part of Western Balkans as an essential part of European project;
  4. Encouraging nonpartisan debate on critical issues for Western Balkans, searching for common ground from diverse set of views and fostering European values based leadership and Vision;
  5. Lifting Western Balkans and broader region international profiles in the global perspective while providing cooperation platform for leading figures in business, politics, academic and civil society;
  6. Developing European values based leadership education program and fostering creation of New Generation of leaders from the region with global outreach;
  7. Promoting culture of dialogue and consensus building by searching and creating a democratic type of well educated young leaders ready to promote and work on building shared future, society and values in broader regional context, along our multiple identities;
  8. Creating “Next Generation Western Balkans Plus Leadership” network as an opportunity for the regional young leaders to meet entrepreneurial and opened European based leaders from business, government and the non profit section who share vision and values of the peaceful and prosperous Region;
  9. Facilitating constructive public dialogue on critical points that divide our Region through the issues such as membership in the EU, culture, education and economy, that bind our Region together;
  10. Fostering both regional cooperation and individual states relations with other  countries and organizations in the SEE and EU.

Podgorica Club could use this Project as a Platform as one of the pillars for  creation of  “South East Europe 2030 Strategy“.