The second two-day workshop on human rights entitled “Speak Truth To Power 2021 (STTP)” succesfully ended

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Sarajevo, August 20th 2021

Organized by the Shared Society and Values Foundation Sarajevo (SSVSA), the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights (RFK HR) and the Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC) in Sarajevo, forty participants, professors and teachers from high schools, colleges and universities from Sarajevo and Tuzla Canton.

The participants were introduced to the methodology and work of RFK HR, based on which the cooperation and inclusion of Bosnia and Herzegovina through their own examples and activities in the global project of RFK HR was continued. This process, started in Sarajevo on November 2019 during the stay of Kerry Kennedy, President of RFKHR aims at regional and European integration and activities of RFK HR in the field of human rights.

Robert F. Kennedy STTP is a human rights education initiative designed to build the next generation of human rights defenders, leaders and activists from around the world who come to the region via Sarajevo and thus expand the network to over a million students from five continents.

The two-day gathering ended with the promotion of the first Bosnian leaders in human rights education, Džejlana Gleđo, Azra Ahmić, Adna Čeho Dinar, Vildana ČeliĆ, Sabina HašariĆ and Emilija Martinčević, who come from Richmond Park Schools, the School of Economics and the High School for Traffic and Communications in Sarajevo. .

In addition to the mentioned schools, representatives from the SSST Gymnasium – Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, Second Sarajevo Gymnasium, International German School, International Montessori School, Banovići Mixed Secondary School, Meša Selimović Gymnasium from Tuzla, Mixed Secondary Electrical Engineering School also actively participated in the Workshop. schools from Tuzla, Gymnasium “Mustafa Novalić” from Gradačac and the Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton.

The next steps of the RFK with the Shared Society and Values Foundation ​​through teacher training in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region have been defined. These activities will take place through the promotion of changes in the field of human rights and the constant generation of pressure on the authorities and other social actors so that human rights are the true foundation of the development of the state, society and state institutions.

The project aims to provide knowledge and an overview of methodologies and strategies of education and activism in the field of human rights, their implementation and evaluation, as well as documents that help in the use, application and upgrade of RFK HR and STTP resources.