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Societies and states in which we will pursue this noble mission of introduction, support for, promotion and implementation of the concept of shared societies and shared values – socially cohesive societies which will be more rosperous and developed.

Their prosperity and higher development will be the result of their readiness to:

• create equal opportunities for everyone for social, economic and democratic inclusion,
• promote society that is united in diversities as advantage, and
• demonstrate higher ability for social cohesion.

It means that the governments and political and business leaders should be embracing the idea that the concept of shared societies and shared values is their main responsibility and accountability.

Shared societies and values

A communities become ever more inter-twined and intercultural. More than ninety percent of the…

Planned activities

Research, support and promotion of Shared societies and values concept. Research and…

Expected results

Identification and promotion of values that are contributing to greater social inclusion of…

Initial projects

“EU strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina from the perspective of shared societies and values”


Foundation Shared Societies and Values